Elena Tsaregradskaya russian artist and illustrator.

In 2009 Luerzer's Archive included her in the list of 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide (Luerzer's  Archive Specials 09/10).

The list of her clients includes IMEDIA group, Hearst Shkulev Media, Conde Nast publishing houses, Renouve (Swiss Cosmolab), Bygenie Haute Joaillerie (Paris), Hotel Astoria (Saint Petersburg), Jean Louis David (Russia), Silverkris journal, SPH group (Singapore airlines), MilkX fashion magazine (Hong Kong).

She draws her inspiration from nature and her gift to capture colors and beauty of forms in all their simplicity brings to Elena paintings lightness and purity of line which distinguishes it from any other artist. Whether for a marine or other aquatic landscape her artwork evoke a cool, evocative that transport us to other shores...

Elena currently lives in Paris/France and continues to travel in search of inspiration and new ideas.


Collective international exhibitions of illustrators
/Saint Petersbourg/`Moscow, 2009/2010/
Solo expo at Artciboldo gallerie/Paris,France, 2014/
Solo expo at Brooklin bar/Paris, France, 2015/
Solo expo at Jeff Friboulet espace
/Yport, Normandy, France2016/
Solo expo at Biota espace/ Gent, Belgium, 2016/
Solo expo at LEspace Ysmailoff/ Paris, France, 2016/
Expo/workshops /Etretat/ Normandy/France, 2017/